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Saturday, May 25, 2019

AM | Social Programme

Sunday, May 26, 2019

All meetings will take place at the Conference Venue: FMCCA Antwerp

12.00 | WLA Collaboration with the Regional Associations - FMCCA, Darwin Hall (for members only - on invitation)

15.00 | Executive Committee Meeting - FMCCA, Darwin Hall (for members only - on invitation)

16.00 | Opening Registration

17.30 | Welcome drink - FMCCA, Marble Hall

18.00 | Opening act: ‘Chance’ by Shelby Williams (The Biscuit Ballerina) & the Royal Ballet of Flanders (see the trailer here) - FMCCA, Queen Elisabeth Hall

18.30 | Introduction - Master of Ceremony Mr. Duncan Duff - FMCCA, Queen Elisabeth Hall

18.35 | Address by Mr. Hansjörg Höltkemeier, President of the European Lotteries and Mr. Jannie Haek, CEO of the hosting Lottery - FMCCA, Queen Elisabeth Hall

19.15 | Opening Trade Show - FMCCA, Atrium

19.45 | Garden Party - FMCCA, Gardens by the Zoo & Marble Room and Walking dinner
Dresscode : part of the opening gala will be outside, so please dress accordingly.

Monday, May 27, 2019

All meetings will take place at the Conference Venue: FMCCA Antwerp

7.30 | Morning run or walk in the Zoo

9.00 | Start Trade Show - FMCCA, Atrium

9.30 | Introductory note: Master of Ceremony, Mr. Duncan Duff - FMCCA, Queen Elisabeth Hall

9.45 | Address by the CEO of the hosting Lottery: Mr. Jannie Haek - FMCCA, Queen Elisabeth Hall

10.15 | Theme: (European) Elections – Lotteries and democracy - Keynote speaker: Mr. Brett Hennig - FMCCA, Queen Elisabeth Hall
Lotteries are being used in politics all across Europe, and could be one answer to the ongoing rise of populism and general political disaffection. Looking at the results of the May EU elections, Hennig will analyse the state of European populism and electoral politics, and show how and where lotteries (or sortition) have been used in politics to engage "everyday people" in deliberative citizens' assemblies. Such forums might be used to diffuse the nationalist shift in politics by integrating the language of populism into new forms of democracy at local, national and EU level.

ADVERTISING AWARDS: Viewing of the Nominees Cat.1 - Best Number Games Advertising

11.00 | Coffee Break & Trade Show

11.30 | Theme: The Black Swan - Keynote speaker: Mr. Nassim Nicholas Taleb - FMCCA, Queen Elisabeth Hall
The Black Swan (unpredictable events) explains why we are so bad at predicting the future, and how unlikely events dramatically change our lives if they do happen, as well as what you can do to become better at expecting the unexpected.

12.30 | Lunch & Trade Show

12.30-14.00 | Joint Meeting of the EL Legal and Regulatory, Public Affairs Coordination and CSR/Responsible Gaming Working Groups (Form members – on invitation) - FMCCA, Darwin Hall

14.00 | Theme: The Corporate Success of Chance is Diversity - Keynote speaker: Mrs. Caty Asscher - FMCCA, Queen Elisabeth Hall
Diversity in companies - Chance leads to diversity and diversity leads to innovation & success. Mrs. Cathy Asscher will prove that companies who have diversity (both gender and other types of diversity) within their workforce are more successful. She will discuss the fact that according to her, careers are NOT influenced by chance but the internal reflex within companies to stick to the ‘usual’. Companies sometimes stay stuck in classic gender-patterns or classic social structures. Companies who get rid of that presumption in a natural way get more successful in the end. In a world that needs more collaboration, empathy for differences and the capability to build bridges, diversity is a welcome characteristic in any organization nowadays.

14.45 | CEO-panel (IGT, SG, INTRALOT) - FMCCA, Queen Elisabeth Hall
Moderators: Mr. Arjan van’t Veer, Secretary-General of the European Lotteries and Ms. Jutta Buyse, Deputy Secretary-General of the European Lotteries.

  • Mrs. Stéphane Pallez, President & CEO, La Française des Jeux (Paris, France)

  • Mrs. Romana Dernovšek, President & CEO, Loterija Slovenije (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

  • Mr. Olli Sarekoski, CEO, Veikkaus OY (Helsinki, Finland)

  • Mr. Stefano Monterosso, SVP Global Lottery Product and Same Store Sales, IGT

  • Mr. Pat McHugh, EVP, Group chief Executive Lottery, Scientific Games

  • Mrs. Maria Stergiou - Group Chief Sales and Operations Officer, INTRALOT

    ADVERTISING AWARDS: Viewing of the Nominees Cat.2 - Best Instant Games Advertising

15.45 | Coffee Break & Trade Show - FMCCA, Atrium

16.00 | Premium partner sessions, Atrium

  • 16.00-16.15 Premium partner session: IGT
    Don’t leave the Future to Chance, Mr. Paul Riley, VP Innovation and Lottery Transformation.

  • 16.30-16.45 Premium partner session: INTRALOT
    A pathway to Omni-channel, Mr. Nicklas Zajdel, Group Chief Digital & Sports Betting Officer.

  • 17.00-17.15 Premium partner session: Scientific Games
    To empower our customers by creating the world’s best gaming and lottery experiences, Mr. Naveed Akhtar, Regional Sales Manager, Scientific Games International

  • 17.30-17.45 Semi-premium partner session: Kambi
    The potential of sports betting, Mr. Joni Hovi, Executive Director (outlines the business benefits of sports betting and discusses the positive impact Kambi’s product has had on its partners.)

17.45 | Closing word & Summary first day: Master of Ceremony, Mr. Duncan Duff

18.00 | End Trade Show - FMCCA, Atrium

19.15 | Partners’ Event: Appreciation dinner hosted by Premium Partners (on invitation only) - Outside venue

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

All meetings will take place at the Conference Venue: FMCCA Antwerp

7.30 | Morning run or walk in the Zoo

8.00-9:00 | Viking Lotto - FMCCA, Gorilla 1 (For members only - on invitation)

9.00-11:00 | European Lotteries Sport Workgroup - FMCCA, J.Kets (For members only - on invitation)

9.00 | Trade Show - FMCCA, Atrium

9.30 | Introductory note: Master of Ceremony, Mr. Duncan Duff - FMCCA, Queen Elisabeth Hall

9.45 | Theme: Give Chance a Chance - FMCCA, Queen Elisabeth Hall

  1. Special performance by mentalist Gili

  2. Keynote speakers: Mr. Alessio Emanuele Biondo / Mr. Alessandro Pluchino / Mr. Andrea Rapisarda
    The beneficial role of randomness in management and politics (Mr. Andrea Rapisarda)
    The beneficial role of random strategies in financial markets (Mr. Alessio Biondo)
    Talent vs Luck: the role of randomness in success and failure (Mr. Alessandro Pluchino)

    ADVERTISING AWARDS: Viewing of the Nominees Cat.3 - Best Sports Games Advertising

10.45 | Coffee break & Trade Show

11.15 | Break-out sessions

  • Lotteries and Sportsbetting - FMCCA, Marble Hall
    This breakout session will focus upon the latest developments in Sports & Integrity and the Macolin Convention as well as an overview of the status on Sports betting in the USA.

    Moderator: Mr. Arjan van ’t Veer, Secretary-General, The European Lotteries


    • Mr. Ludovico Calvi, President, GLMS

    • Mr. Gilles Maillet, Sport Integrity Director, Française des Jeux

    • Mr. Jari Vähänen, Senior Vice President, Veikkaus Oy

    • Ms. Rebecca Paul Hargrove, WLA President

  • Blockchain & Lotteries - FMCCA, Gorilla 1

    • Moderator: This session is hosted and moderated by the EL Innovation Group (ELIG)

    • Presentation:  Dr. Jiorgis Kritsotakis, Accenture

  • Lotteries, responsible gaming and advertising - FMCCA, Queen Elisabeth Hall
    More and more organizations advocating for responsible gaming are calling for a general ban on advertising for all kinds of games of chance and even lotteries. A growing number of European countries respond to this by imposing stricter measures on gambling operators and on the advertising sector. Through a series of controversial statements, we want to delve deeper into this issue and let experts speak from different angles and ask their opinion about a risk based approach where a distinction is made between low-risk and high risk gambling products.

    • Moderator: Mr. Piet Van Baeveghem, Secretary General, Legal & Regulatory Affairs Management of the Belgian National Lottery

    • Mr. Shahriar Coupal, Director of the UK Committee of Advertising Practice.

    • Mr. Sébastien Martin, Maître de conférences et directeur scientifique chez Chaire Régulation des jeux d’argent et de hasard, Université de Bordeaux.

    • Prof. Pieter Remmers, Assissa Consultancy Europe, Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Secretary-general of the European Association for the Study of Gambling (EASG)

    • Mr. Óscar Castro, Senior Advisor, Dirección General, ONCE

    • Ms. Lea Meyer, CEO Polaris Strategic Foresight

12.00 | General Assembly of the Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS) - FMCCA, Darwin Hall

12.30 | Lunch & Trade Show - FMCCA, Atrium

14.00 | Theme: Happy Accidents - In presence of Her Majesty The Queen
Keynote speaker: Mr. Marc Herremans - FMCCA, Queen Elisabeth Hall
Mister Herremans is a well-known Belgian athlete who has participated in the famous Iron Man race in Hawaii where he ended 6th in 2001. His promising career was interrupted by a horrible accident in 2002 that paralyzed both legs and ended him up in a wheelchair. “Never give up” is his motto and he started to train for special triathlons in his wheelchair. In 2006 he won the Iron Man of Hawaii for wheelchair athletes. Marc will tell about his amazing struggle and how he gave new sense to his life after his accident.

14.45 | Theme: Happy Accidents - Keynote speaker: Professor Robert Frank - FMCCA, Queen Elisabeth Hall How a more accurate understanding of the role of chance in life could lead to better, richer & fairer economics and societies. Most of the chance events that shape important life outcomes are of course beyond any individual’s control. But collectively we have considerable say over what is perhaps the biggest stroke of good fortune that anyone can experience—to have been born in an environment that enables talented, hardworking people to succeed. Such environments don’t arise by chance. They require high levels of continuing investment. Frank argues that our failure to recognize the external underpinnings of our own success has made us reluctant to support the necessary investment. But the good news is that supportive environments can be maintained without demanding painful sacrifices from anyone.

ADVERTISING AWARDS: Viewing of the Nominees Cat.4 - Best Corporate Advertising

15.30 | Coffee break & Trade Show - FMCCA, Atrium

16.00 | Theme: The Aftermath of Chance - Keynote speaker: Mrs. Malene Rydahl - FMCCA, Queen Elisabeth Hall
Introduction Speech: Mr. Arjan van ‘t Veer, Secretary-General, The European Lotteries (Moderator)
Happiness expert Malene Rydahl will explore the challenges to overcome our inhibitions, reveal what lies behind people’s “perfect lives” & help us find out how to be happy in our own way.

16.00-18.00 | LOM & SLE General Meeting (for members only - on invitation) - FMCCA, Gorilla 1

17:00 | Presentation of the 2020 WLA congress - FMCCA, Queen Elisabeth Hall

17.15 | Closing word & Summary second day: Master of Ceremony

18.00 | End Trade Show - FMCCA, Atrium

19.00 | Closing Event, including Advertising Awards - Lotto Arena

  • Dresscode: Business casual

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

9.30 | European Lotteries General Assembly - FMCCA, Darwin Hall (for members only - on invitation)

9.30 | SIWG - Security and Integrity Working Group - FMCCA, Havana (for members only - on invitation)

12.30 | End of European Lotteries Congress 2019